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Asean Franchise Market

  • Malaysia-Showcasing Steady Growth

    F&B captures the largest, i.e. 31% market share of the franchise market followed by
    Apparel and accessory 15%, education 11%, services 11%, beauty & health 8% and retail 4%
    400+ Franchise businesses operating
    370+ Brands
    34% of which are from the U.S.
    56% are Asean
    USD 3000
    onwards investment

  • Indonesia-Readiness for Foreign Brands

    40% of South East Asia FMCG market to be tapped by Indonesia by by 2020 Domestic franchising is yet to grow
    Simpler processes & regulations for international brands
    Brand familiarity among people with readiness for international markets
    USD 60-90/sqm/month (Class A mall) -
    USD 40-60/sqm/month (Class B mall) rental rate

  • Pakistan-Mecca for Food Franchise

    Maximum growth in food business followed by retailing, convenience stores, hotels & motels, courier service, security services, and educational training centers.
    $24 m approximate industry size in terms of annual sales.
    $1.2+ m market size of foreign franchised food outlets in terms of annual sales
    $900+ m spent by people eating out.

  • Thailand-Driven Domestically

    F&B sector is witnessing maximum franchising action. More 50% franchise business belongs to restaurant. Cafes and restaurants sector continues to grow.
    12000+ franchisees
    85% - of brands are domestic
    5% of International brands belong to U.S.
    500 total brands expected by 2020-21

  • Philippines-Remains Largely Untapped

    Celebrity endorsements to push brands' growth abundantly in local retail market Tremendous investment opportunities beyond capital city Manila
    Large population of 100 million growing 1% per year
    Younger demographic vis a vis other South East Asian countries

  • Vietnam-Growing Modestly

    110+ foreign brands present with F&B segment being the biggest sector
    61.6% growth in overall food consumption during 2012-2017
    50% household spending on F&B
    USD 4,348 size of GDP/capita by 2021 from current $1,900

  • Myanmar-Nascent Market Awareness

    Around 50 main franchise brands existing F&B business easiest in franchising
    Extremely attractive opening market and franchising awareness nascent
    50 M+ consumers
    97% of businesses belong to SME segment

  • LAOS-Relatively Cheaper Market

    Investment: Min. USD 90-200 for international brands
    Higher Gym investimet from USD 100K onwards
    USD 30,000 average investment requirement

  • Cambodia-Booming Service Sector

    Service sector offers maximum opportunity
    USD 70,000+ investment for gym and fitness centre
    USD 50,000+ investment for consultancy services

  • Brunei-Attracting Small Retail Brands

    Investment: USD 50,000 onwards for F&B brands
    USD 7K-10K investment for small format retail brands

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